“If there’s a thing I’ve learned in my life it’s to not be afraid of the responsibility that comes with caring for other people. What we do for love: those things endure. Even if the people you do them for don’t.”
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Banksy “Mobile Lovers” New Mural - UK


Banksy “Mobile Lovers” New Mural - UK

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“I’d rather be at Coachella.”
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“I’m sorry for my inability to let unimportant things go, for my inability to hold on to the important things.”
—  Jonathan Safran Foer (via observando)

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SpongeBob SquarePants & American Horror Story:Coven Parallels

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so my boyfriend and I tried roleplaying the other day and we did the whole “professor and bad student who needs to pass” thing, only he wanted to be the professor, so I had to be the horny and failing student. I’m the valedictorian of my senior class of 400 and I have a horrible phobia of flunking, so when he whispered “you’re failing my class, you naughty girl” in my ear, I started crying and we had to stop

Hermione Granger, is that you?

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